5" Sandstone External Cap
5" Sandstone External Cap

5" Sandstone External Cap


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This cap is

How the part fits? A 5” external cap is designed to fit over a 5” x 5” post.

Where is it installed? A 5” external cap is installed on every 5” x 5” vinyl

How many do you need? You will need (1) 5” external cap per (1) 5” x 5” post.

Maximum profile dimensions: 5.020" X 5.020"
Corner radius: .188
Fits externally
Extends 1.000" over the profile
Total height: 1.750""b.

A 5” external cap will slide over the top of a 5” x 5” post.  You will want to apply glue to the inside of each cap, then place the cap on the post. We recommend that you to glue your caps onto your post, this will secure your cap from getting pulled or blown away.

used on a vinyl fence.  This is a 5" Sandstone External Cap.